Below are some of the blurbs people sent us to recommend this book to others. We also have an archive of the correspondance sent to us while we were writing the book. You can view that here. From now on comments and interaction with readers will be posted in our News & Notes section.

Terrific story, I am recommending it to our pioneer church planters around the world.

Brian, International Missions Organization

To anyone who is wondering if God still moves among us as He did in the Bible, here is a story to show the truth... that without a doubt, He does! This story spoke to something deep inside me, something so integral to my being that i couldn't sit back or relax until I reached the end. And even then I knew it was just the beginning.

Jillene, Camp Director, New York

I left my church after 12 years and felt I needed to be in a church until I read your book and discovered it was not about going to church but being the church.  And that is to be done everywhere I go and in everything I do.  I am now fellowshipping in a small house group and feel at home.  This book will definitely inspire you to be the church and not just go to church.  

Ronda, Mother and care-giver, Canby, Oregon  

Inside every one of us there is a Jake Colsen screaming to get out. Here you will find all the big questions about our struggle to live in the world juxtaposed with living in the spirit, and some of the big answers too. Anyone who ever prayed 'what can I do for you Lord?' will find some direction here.

Rachael, mother of seven, nurse, Rugby, England

Your book has put words and answers to the feelings and questions we have had along this journey.

Michael from Prescott, Arizona

The gift of this writing has set me free in my walk with Jesus

Paula, wife and mother in Nevada

How could you know with such precision where we have come from, where we are, and what we are learning?  You have put words to things deep in our hearts...too deep even to surface as thoughts, much less words.

Maria Wade, wife, mother & amateur editor, Bloomington, Indiana

I cried as I read Chapter 11 because is explained exactly what the Holy Spirit had shown me a few months earlier.

Victoria, Homemaker in Rochester, WA

This easy-read treatise on practical Christian thought and life points to the higher way of God's Son and servant Jesus.  The church-world has made things so complicated and sophisticated--so human. Jesus calls and uses and ministers to tender hearts who choose to trust Him and walk with Him.

Paul, Handyman in Illinois

Jake has given me a voice and a vocabulary for things that have been stirring inside of my heart for many years.  

Stephen, Graphic Desiginer in Chicago, Illinois

God has taken so much bitterness and pain and taught me so much about Himself and His people through this book.  It got me hooked right from the start and God used it to bring me closer to Him. Thank you for showing me that His body is not one congregation, denomination or group of people, but that those He calls His own can be anyone, anywhere.

Michelle, Academic Administrator in Melbourne, Australia

Exceptional story that will make you laugh, cry, and be in awe of the love that Father has for ALL His children!  It will challenge you to rethink what ‘church’ is all about!

Chris, a student at East Tennessee State University

Your book is every conversation, thought, emotion, desire, dream I have had for the past year.  I have related so  much to each chapter.   I believe God really wants to wake  up His church.

Carole, single parent and massage therapist in Shildon, UK

I received your book or the pages there of from a dear  friend on Saturday.  I couldn't put it down! I didn't go to work  until I finished it today! When I left my home I felt so relieved. Something grand was lifted from me.  Something I have been carrying  around for 50 years.  You are a delight to the Lord and  a truth bearer to his precious children!!

Jo-Anne, realtor in Kansas City,  MO


This should be required reading for everyone.  I cant say enough about how it changed me and my relationship with the Lord.  HALLELUYAH ! ! !   

Pam in Indiana

There are so many distractions in this day and age (especially in the US) which really hinder our relationship with our Daddy. But many of the hidden distractions go on unknown to us, distractions that are cloaked with seemingly great intentions. This book gives tremendous insight to those (other) distractions that we must recognize to have a beautiful and full relationship with Dad.

Matt, father of 9, in Kalispell, Montana

These writings are more than a book, they are a living two-edge sword, God revealing himself is the midst of hungry souls that have attended church, only to find ourselves very needy and empty.  

Joyce in Rochester, New York

I appreciate that this book is not “church bashing”, but that it is Christ exalting.  Thank you for giving words to feelings that I have had for so long, yet have not been able to express.

Sarah in Phoenix, Arizona

This book will cut through all the red tape of "religion".  It relates the truth of what it means to be a true Christian in every sentence.  It will free you from yourself and allow you to believe and accept the love God has for you and allow you to grow in faith, wisdom and understanding, not condemnation, legalism and apathy.

Cathey, a believer in Florida

Searching for GOD'S truth, is stranger than fiction.

Dottie, a searcher in Orlando, Florida