Our most important goal right now is to get the word out about our new website. Of course you may not be too sure yet that you want to do that, but as the story unfolds in the months ahead, we'd like to encourage those of you who find yourselves blessed by these pages to let others on the internet know.

You can do that in three ways:

  • Send emails to your friends that includes something like: "Have you been to http://www.jakecolsen.com? I think you'll really enjoy the story that's unfolding there." You could even add a reference to your signature line if you think it appropriate.
  • Use similar language in chat rooms or discussion groups, especially those dealing with religious or church issues.
  • Post one of our banners on your website, or encourage your favorite site to do so and link it to our site here. We have two, one animated and one simple:

    Animated Banner:

    Simple Banner: