We got this email from Australia the other day:

Have you decided on a (different) title? Will you be putting it into regular Christian bookshops? I would love to see your book in there and given the nature of the Australian national character I think it would do very well with the title just as it is – “So, you don’t want to go to church anymore”. No doubt it would stir up controversy and opposition (are you prepared for that) but it would also get people’s attention. Many people in paid ministry would consider it as dangerous and condemn it. There are however many, many people in this country who go to church week after week after week and are basically sick of it. They know it doesnt deliver reality but they don’t know anything else. – Anyway this is just a thought from a brother with a little bit of anarchist still in him.

I’d love to get it in bookstores too, but since we did this one on our own, we don’t have the mechanisms to get that done.  If bookstores want them, however, we will make them available.

And I guess we’re ready for the opposition should it come, but this is a pretty small blip on the radar screen of Christian thought.  Who knows what Father will do with it.  I’m just thrilled to be on the journey with him.