March 2006

Here’s you’re chance to meet the authors of the Jake Story and find out a bit more about what went on behind the scenes in the production of this book.  Wayne Jacobsen and Dave Coleman did an interview recently for The God Journey in conjunction with the book’s release in print.  Brad Cummings interviews Wayne and Dave as they fall into a wide-ranging discussion about shame, guilt, religious obligation and control and how Jesus’ work sets us free to live in him. They challenge you to rethink Christianity, not as the religion it has become, but as a transforming relationship with his Father that Jesus always meant it to be.You can listen to the interview here.

I got this email the other day. It appears the Jake story is far more universal than we thought:

I wanted to thank you for posting Jake’s book on your website. I check your website every now and then to check for new stuff, and finding the reference to Jake’s website, I ended up downloading the pdf file of his book. It took me only 2 afternoons to read it! I usually read slow because I do a lot of thinking as I read books, but this book had me so enraptured I had to read it right on through! The journey of my wife and I, and what God has taught us totally paralells this story! I know that is true of a lot of people, but we are definitely added in there.

It is wonderful to see so many people finding this book not only a great resource for themselves, but also want to share it with others. One man called inquiring about ordering an entire case yesterday. Today, I received this note:

I recently gave your book “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore” to a friend here in TX. Her husband picked it up before she had a chance to and he read practically the whole book in one sitting. His reaction was “this is a powerful book! We need to get it for everyone we know!” Thank you so much for putting words to what our hearts are crying out for!
Pam from Texas