There’s lots of movement now to get So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore out in a number of languages. The Russian translation was completed months ago and is now on the website. A few months ago we also posted the Dutch translation. Now we are beginning to add a Spanish Translation and you’ll find the first seven chapters now up on the web site. For links to all of those translations click here.

Also two European publishers have put together a German Version, with a new title, The Cry of the Wild Geese: Setting out For a Free Life in Christ Beyond Religion and Tradition. You can view the cover at left. This translation can be ordered from Glory World Publishers.

Also a card company in France has just produced a French translation of that story as well. You can view it’s cover on the right. It can be ordered from Editions-Promesses.

Dave and I are so blessed that this story has captured the hearts of so many people and that some wonderful people around the world have thought enough of the story to translate as a labor of love to let others read it in their native tongue. I pray that through these pages people will hear the cry of the Spirit that calls them into the full freedom of our inheritance as the redeemed sons and daughters of the Father of all!