Jake Colsen is a pseudonym for the combined work of two
long-time friends,
colleagues and fellow-travelers:

Wayne Jacobsen wanders the world helping people sort out what Jesus really taught about life in his Father and in relational community with other believers. He is an author whose books and articles can be found at lifestream.org. He was a Contributing Editor to Leadership Journal for more than 20 years and also co-hosts a weekly podcast at thegodjourney.com for those thinking outside the box of organized religion. He resides with his wife, Sara, in Newbury Park, California and can be contacted at:

1560-1 Newbury Rd #313
Newbury Park
, CA 91320
(805) 498-7774

Dave Coleman has been a pastor and hospice chaplain but has most effectively lived his life as a brother helping others sort out the journey of life in Jesus. He has taught extensively on themes of marriage and living in God’s grace and purpose and worked as a volunteer in alcohol rehab. He lives in Visalia, California with his wife, Donna. You can write Dave at:

When we first started writing this book, we kept our identity cloaked to have a bit of fun with our readers. If you want to see how that unfolded, you can look here: